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discover Friuli Venezia Giulia

Marano Lagunare

The ancient town in the lagoon, a Friulian stronghold of the Serenissima, who conquered it in 1534, preserves even nowadays in its urbane structure the ancient characteristic of a fortress town.

The links between Marano and Venice are still numerous: first of all the “speech” is typical venetian and not friulian, which is a pride for the Marano inhabitants although at 2 km away from Marano the dialect spoken is typical Friulian, “le Calli” reminds us of Venice as well as the “Proveditor Busts” who governed Marano for the Republic of Venice.

The beauty of the place and the characteristics of the Venetian "calli", that are part of Marano landscape, make the walking through Marano's centre worth of considerable attention. The pedestrian area will lead you to Piazza Centrale, where in the XV century was built up the Bell Tower. It is a robust and massive Tower with walls on which are sculpted the busts of the Venetian proveditors, and, together with the other buildings around the square, it creates a true anthology of portraits. 

On the main front wall of Stella d'Oro restaurant there is the unique intact statue of proveditor Pietro Bernando Bembo. Besides this, following the last restoration made in 1996, there had been found a document made in 1643 dedicated to Pio Forti and to the generous proveditor Andrea Contareno, righteous and true leaders who deserved this monument.

Stemma della Casata” can be admired within the building that had been for many years the residence of an Austrian Earl as well as the Stone on which is written the construction date of the house that is considered to be an Antique Lodge.




The parish church of S. Martino built in XVIII century is worthy to be visited. As an active fishing center, Marano is well known for its restaurants, especially Stella d'Oro, that serves fresh fish dishes prepared by authentic tradition, served with a famous white wines of Collio area.


Follow the path to reach Marano Lagunare from our Hotel