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discover Friuli Venezia Giulia


It is the most interesting place in the area in terms of archaeological and artistic.

Founded in 181 BC to defend themselves against the Gauls invasions, it had become afterwards an important commercial port.

It became an Episcopal institution after III century. In spite of all destructions made by Alarico (416) and by Lombards (568) it was an important center for the spreading of Christianity. The famous Council from Aquileia conducted by S. Ambrogio took place in 380.

We can find in Aquileia numerous antique marks of its ancient splendour: you can visit the River Port, the Sacred Road, the Market, the Theatre, the Patrician Houses, the National Archaeological Museum and Paleochristian Museum which preserves a rich patrimony of mosaics and frescoes. Due to its rich and important artistic and archaeological finds, Aquileia has been declared by UNESCO  as the Historical and Archaeological Patrimony of Humanity.

Follow the path to reach Aquileia from our Hotel